2 April - 26 November 2023 

Icônes at Punta della Dogana, Venezia


to November 26, 2023, Punta della Dogana presents the thematic exhibition “Icônes” curated by Emma Lavigne, CEO of Pinault Collection, and Bruno Racine, CEO and Director of Palazzo Grassi — Punta della Dogana. The exhibition mainly presents emblematic works from the Pinault Collection, and proposes a reflection on the theme of the icon and the status of the image in the contemporary world. The word “icon” has two meanings: its Greek etymology defines it as an “image”, while it is used to designate a certain type of religious painting that characterizes in particular Eastern Christianism. The idea of a model, an emblematic figure is more contemporary. The status of the image—its capacity to embody a presence, between appearance and disappearance, shadow and light, to represent a space, to spark emotion, a transcendance—is at the core of this exhibition, conceived specifically for Punta della Dogana and the Venetian context, marked by its tight links with Byzantium.

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