Lettura classica

17.11 — 22.12.2022

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with works by Giorgio De Chirico, Alekos Fassianos, Giulio Paolini,
Salvo e Francesco Vezzoli

opening 17/11
17/11 > 22/12/2022*

NP Viewing room
Corso Monforte 23, Milano

*private exhibition space
Tuesday - Thursday, 12.00 - 19.00
only on appointment

More info: info@npartlab.com

NP ArtLab presents a selection of artworks refering to the classical era, every artists according to his personal interpretation. 
Capitals, columns, fragments of classical statues alternate with the representation of books and fighters. The aim is to show how each artist has developed a common theme according to their own research.

In the center of the room the three plaster sculptures by Giulio Paolini (Genoa, 1940) entitled "Proteus", "Proteus (II)" and "Proteus (III)", created in 1971, their titles come from the changeable Greek god who had the ability to transform into any form he desired. Perfect representation of Paolini's ludic conceptual practice, the three sculptures are the result of the disintegration and subsequent reassembly of a classic bust of Homer, as Paolini himself stated "not to restore its physiognomy but rather the portion of space it originally occupied" . A pictorial reading of classicism takes place in the works of Salvo (Leonforte, 1947 - Turin, 2015), in which architectural ruins and visions of classical columns emerge, studied at various times of the day and night with bright colors that mark the return to the painting of the artist after a period associated with poor art. In addition to his monumental paintings, the representation of volumes in "8 books" from 1986 also emerges.

The memory and dialogue with the past continue with the work by Francesco Vezzoli (Brescia, 1971) "Iolas the Great" (2020), a fragment of Greek terracotta depicting Alexander the Great as Dionysus from the Hellenistic age (about the 3rd century BC) and in which he intervenes with acrylic paint. This work underlines Vezzoli's constant attention to the importance of preserving the artistic and archaeological heritage.In addition to the classical architectural and sculptural references, representations of gladiators and warriors are inserted with the works "Combattimento" (1936-37) by the father of metaphysical painting, Giorgio De Chirico (Volos, 1888 - Rome, 1978) and with "Untitled" (1989), work on paper by the Greek painter Alekos Fassianos (Athens, 1935 - 2022).


More info: info@npartlab.com


Giorgio De Chirico, Alekos Fassianos, Giulio Paolini, Salvo e Francesco Vezzoli

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