Venice Time Case
16.09 — 08.10.2022

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Venice Time Case: five cases traveling around Italy and Europe, 50 artworks, 50 artists from Venice and its surroundings

NP ArtLab is pleased to present Venice Time Case, the third chapter of an itinerant project curated by Luca Massimo Barbero. After Milan and Paris, fifty works executed by fifty emerging artists based in Venice and its surroundings will be transported to Padova inside five Fly Case suitcases and shown to the public. The works will later be exhibited across Europe, to eventually enter the collection of a contemporary art museum.

Born from an idea by Luca Massimo Barbero, Venice Time Case perfectly fits in Neri Pagnan’s vision. As collector from Padua and funder of NP-ArtLab, Pagnan’s project is naturally connected with Veneto’s territory and with the Venetian Academy. NP-ArtLab aims to support contemporary artists, mainly Italians, in order to highlight and interpret the aesthetic and conceptual dialogue between artists of different generations and that use different medias.

“A journey without any strategy, except for the chance to know, meet discover, like in every travel experience. What’s better than creating five cases, containing ten works each and asking the artists involved to include their vision in one painting each, a vision to be locked as if inside a cage, or rather to be protected as a delicate object, and to be exhibited outside Venice?” Tells Luca Massimo Barbero.

The works, which all share the same dimensions and support, and are presented on this occasion in their physical format, relate in a symbiotic way to Instagram, where the project started out as what would once have been considered as an "art review."
The project, which is non-profit in its entirety, aims at providing visibility to the participating artists across an itinerant and international public. Venice Time Case is a moving 'place' that fosters an encounter between artists working solo or in shared studios. The project sheds light on a lesser known contemporary side of Venice, on "the hidden vitality of art in the city that stands in between the land and the sea."

Conceived by Luca Massimo Barbero, Venice Time Case results from the synergic interaction of all subjects involved. Apice has designed five ad-hoc suitcases that allow to transport the works in a safe and fast way, making the exhibition set-up an integral part of the process. Venice Time Case will be accompanied by a catalogue published by Marsilio Editori, designed by graphic designer Leonardo Sonnoli, an expert in conceiving visual identities for cultural institutions, including the Venice Biennale, Palazzo Grassi /Venice, the Centre Pompidou / Paris, and Artissima Fair / Turin, and awarded with international prices including the Merit Award of the Art Directors Club New York (USA) and two Compasso d’Oro (2011 and 2018).

NP ArtLab is also pleased to announce the opening of a new exhibition space in corso Monforte 23, Milan. In this new space other works by the artists involved in Venice Time Case in Padova will be on view in order to create a connection between the two spaces.


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Beatrice Alici, Runo B., Luisa Badino, Giulia Maria Belli, Mattia Bertolo, Nicola Bertolo, Giovanna Bonenti, Federico Borroni, Francesco Casati, Nina Ceranic, Giorgia Agnese Cereda, Francesco Cima, Damiano Colombi, Jonathan Colombo, Oscar Contreras Rojas, Celeste Dalla Libera, Veronica de Giovanelli, Fabio De Meo, Elena Della Corna, Chiara Enzo, Nicola Facchini, Bruno Fantelli, Silvia Faresin, Lorenzo Fasi, Massimiliano Gottardi, Andrea Grotto, Manuela Kokanovic, Giulio Malinverni, Luca Marignoni, Margherita Mezzetti, Marta Naturale, Edison Pashkaj, Federico Polloni, Cristina Porro, Carolina Pozzi, Barbara Prenka, Paolo Pretolani, Filippo Rizzonelli, Pierluigi Scandiuzzi, Mattia Sinigaglia, Massimo Stenta, Danilo Stojanovic, Maddalena Tesser, Sulltane Tusha, Riccardo Vicentini, Leonardo Wei, Sophie Westerlind, Francesco Zanatta, Maria Giovanna Zanella e Federica Zanlucchi.

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