22.10 — 26.11.2022

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Cinzia Campolese, Pietro Catarinella & Federico Polloni

22/10 > 26/11/2022*

Opening 22/10 h 16:00 > 20:00

Vicolo dell’Osservatorio 1/C
35122 - Padova (PD)

*Private exhibition space
Wednesday - Saturday, 12.00 - 19.00

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NP-ArtLab is pleased to present the group show “Interferenze”, the title refers to the digital atmosphere melt with reality created by the works by Cinzia Campolese, Pietro Catarinella e Federico Polloni.

The works displayed are related to the concept of physics called interference: the combination of two or more electromagnetic waveforms to form a resultant wave in which the displacement is either reinforced or cancelled. The reference goes to every effect of superimposition of two phenomena of the same nature which implies the possibility of mutual disturbance.

Interference as relation in the work of Cinzia Campolese, as an overlap in Pietro Catarinella’s paintings up to Federico Polloni’s altered vision towards metaphysical worlds.
The exhibition is linked to digital but the human presence persists and mixes through distorted visions. Cinzia Campolese (Italy, 1987) presents the work “Could you take a picture?” which invites visitors to use their cameras to view visual compositions hidden from the naked eye.
Through the camera of our smartphones it is possible to see the interference patterns that create the final visual outcome. The piece’s title reveals the action to be taken to underline the constant need to record our everyday life with a camera.
A series of paintings  by Pietro Catarinella (Rome, 1983) is presented: oil painting mixed with digital through a superimposition of techniques and medias. The result is a distorted image that allows us to perceive the references to painting and its traditional subjects but also the virtual aspects that give us a completely new reading. To complete the exhibition’s path, Federico Polloni (Treviso, 1991) ’s installation give us access to his metaphysical world made up of volumes, neon and objects creating a suspended landscape. Some works on canvas complete the atmosphere that aims to tell the present time with a look to the future according to a concept of technological dystopia.


Cinzia Campolese (Lanciano (CH), 1987) is an Italian artist who lives and works in Montreal (CA). Her work includes installations, sculptures, videos and prints. Working on different scales, she question the concepts of perception and awareness of spaces,  both in digital and real in environments. After her studies in art and design in Florence, she moved to Paris, where she funded the collective “IF'" in 2012, working on architecture projects and digital art installations. Three years after she started developing her own productions and in 2016 she moved to Montreal where she developed her artistic career. Her works have been shown in institutions, galleries and cultural events, such us Goethe Institut (Montreal), B39 (Seoul), Wood Street Gallery (Pittsburgh), Chroniques Biennale (Marseille), Adiacenze (Bologna), Stereolux (Nantes), Centre Wallonie-Bruxelles (Paris), Livart gallery, Eastern Bloc, Phi Center and Mutek (Montreal).
Her projects have been published on L'Œil, Vice, Aesthetica Magazine, Gallerytalk, Juliet Art Magazine, Archdaily, Fubiz and she has been included in the book by Exibart "222 artisti emergenti su cui investire”, 2019.

Pietro Catarinella (Roma, 1983) works and lives in Milan. After his studied in architecture, he completed a master in Photography at Central Saint Martins, London, in 2014. Here is when he defines his artistic practice: a research on digital genesis that questions the reality’s changes and the visual representation of the internet era, of social networks and new media. Between 2015 and 2018, his work has been exhibited in London (East London Photography Festival, Green Arcola Gallery and Ashurst Ermerging Artist Gallery), in China (Pingyao International Photography Festival), in Lithuania (AV17 Gallery), in Rome (Mattatoio / Macro Future and Temple Gallery), and in Madrid (Nadie, Nunca, Nada, No). In 2018, he was finalist at Ashurst Emerging Artist Prize. During his residency at Vir Viafarini-in-residence, his practice evolves into an investigation of the relationship between digital and physical space, and he is invited by Bruno Barsanti to The Others Art Fair (Turin). In 2019 he makes several site-specific installations including 'Cave of Forgotten Dreams' (Macro, Museum of Contemporary Art, Rome) and 'Google's Decalogue' (Spazio Gamma, Milan). He won the Ora Prize in 2019, he was selected for the 'Lumen Prize' in London (2017 and 2019), and the Francesco Fabbri Prize (2019).
In May 2020, he was part of Studio Visit - 30 Artists for 30 Days, a virtual exhibition conceived by the Pini Foundation, later published in a volume by Studio Boite Edition. In October of the same year, he founded Armenia Studio, a hybrid space project including 7 shared studios and a Project Room. From March to June 2021, he took part in two bi-personal exhibitions, the first in Ida Pisani's PROMETEOGALLERY, accompanied by a critical text written by Mauro Zanchi, the second in the Concordia II space (Milan), a collaboration between PROMETEOGALLERY and Vir Viafarini-in-residence.

Federico Polloni (Treviso, 1991) lives and works in Venice.
He graduated in painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice in 2021 with prof. Aldo Grazzi and Carlo Di Raco. He participated to several international exhibitions, including the most recent: Wopart fair Switzerland; Venice Time Case project curated by Luca Massimo Barbero, Unlikely at Palazzo Mocenigo Venice. In 2020 he founded the cultural association Acromo based in Venice, dedicated to the promotion of contemporary art in the Venetian territory. In the same year he opened a shared Lab Space Casablanca_studio_ based in Venice. In 2021 he collaborated on the creation of the first independent open studio festival involving young emerging artists working in Venice (Venice Independent Art Scene).


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Cinzia Campolese,Pietro Catarinella & Federico Polloni

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